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Moringa Spain
"Moringa Spain cuida de tu salud"
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Moringa Spain was born 4 years ago;#241;the result of growing on two farms in Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga). Everything went to raíz of the discovery of the benefits of this plant. That's when we decided to grow it in this area, even though it's originally from India


Conso weather we have realized that it adapts very well to this area of Má it laga for its stable climate. We produce así a plant with many qualities to which it is added that it is very generous when it is growing since it is of rá growth;I ask, 3 to 4 centímeters daily.


The initial idea was to grow a plant that didn't need much water like mango or avocado. It was then that as an entrepreneur I lancé, considering that this plant is very unknown.

From a principle we have opted to harvest and produce a quality product as a differentiating element against third parties for #237;ses dónde is #225; growing.

In 2017 we started packing our moringa, the same thing we did with its seeds, to try to reach the final consumer already with a finished product. Our annual production #243 is about 25,000 kilos of moringa leaves.

Toy in día we are #233 also with tests to bring moringa beer, energéticas and gel energético with Moringa to the market.

For another part, indicate that we have the seal of the mark Sabor to Málaga, belonging to the Member of Mó #225;laga, with which we are having a lot of help in expanding the market since we attend with them very important fairs such as Alimentaria (Barcelona), Salón Gourmet (Madrid) or H&T fair (Málaga).


The team is made up of 2 people in the crop and I in the #243;n.