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Morales Forging
"El arte de la forja"
Artesanos del metal


Más of 20 años and detrás of at least 5 generations. Our work has always been to transform iron into functional elements for everyday use adapted to the times. Doors, windows, everyday tools, etc.

The idea is to provide the customer with fencesíany item necessary for their daily use or protection #243 of the home such as doors, windows, bars, etc.


The project is to make the leap “global” and make únicas, 100% handmade and #241 designed pieces; or own, being able to reach any #243;n of our geographí to those artítotally handmade ass that until very recently only caníto be for customers of fences í Today thanks to the internet and social networks we reach the confines of our país, to the islands and the autónomas of Ceuta and Melilla, allí anywhere that someone likes our designsños and manufactured.


There are two people, Alberto Merino and Carmen Sanchez. Alberto is the craftsman who designs and #241 works and Carmen takes care of the #237;#243;n the client.

Abraham Martínez Arribas


Ha llegado en el plazo previsto, muy bien envalado. Un placer comprar en Forja Morales

23 Dec, 2021