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"Monic, creadores de ilusiones"
Tus dibujos convertidos en productos


Making about two añitos beganó our project with a great ilusión and is to make the drawings of the niñyou come true, as #237; we begin, seeing the faces of illusionón of the ni#241;you seeing their drawing come true. Our project is to touch the emotions of the niñyou and not so much #241 nor you, to see their drawings made muñreal echoes, create illusions. 


Our shop is artisan and we already have several products; muñecos, backpacks, neveritas ... with designñwe're ours and also #233;n from people who #237 send us their drawings or those of their children and we capture them in that backpack, fridge or make a muñeco, all from the drawing they send us to
create a memory forever. We want to get very far with our project, reach all the hearts



Formed by a craftsman and a tédesignño and web