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"Ropa para Bebé y Complementos Artesanales"
Ropa de Bebe


From a little oneña I liked artisans.#237.e. My mother was an expert weaver. Mirándola and imitateándola learní to weave. Meters and meters of tangled wool. But by ruining you learn, the saying goes. Then, studies, career, work, family, the rhythm of life, I was moving away from those hobbies. A few #241 years ago, a very serious health problem forced me #243 stay at home and resume #233; some like crochet and bisutería. We begin to #233 to weave simply for the pleasure of weaving. Almost without realizing it, boxes and boxes of patucos, necklaces, hats, bracelets, pellets were accumulating. So much so #237 that my family encourages me #243 to market my creations. My husband #237 said that when I #237 or created a bracelet I #237 had a special sparkle in my eyes. I #237;a that I, all of them, shone. And that's why MomBrillê which means "the brightness of mamá".


Lo ideal of this project will beíto be able to help the family #237 economy, working on something I love to do.
A few times an idea I have in my head takes me #237 whole to make it a reality. This part is the one that is not seen in the crafts #237. The time, the hours they take. But #233 that is also the charm of them, because that time allows us to focus on the small details, #241 impregnate everything with care and care.#241
I want #225 continue to focus on those #241 small details. I want to continue weaving for the pleasure of knitting, thinking about that babyé to weará my clothes as if I were my own grandson or granddaughter. Sí, I want to keep that glow in my eyes while I work.


MomBrillê it's me from the beginning to the finished product.