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Honey Fuen Del Cepo
"La colmena en su casa"
Miel artesana, de calidad y con toda nuestra dedicación


Somos a family business founded 2008 with the name “Miel Fuen del Cepo”. Name of the people we live in,

Our hives are #225;n located in mountain areasña, for orange blossom honey at about five hundred meters and for the demás to más of a thousand meters high.

We look for different types of blooms to offer different types of honey, made by hand, packaged by ourselves achieving así a natural and delicate product, free of any type of additives, with a único flavor and high quality in all our products.


Somos producers and packers of honey and más apícolas.

We come in the food sector #243;n, our commitment to the buyer is that we take a craftsmanship and quality product, so all our products are #225;n handmade and with all our dedication #243;n.


We are now a family team with great enthusiasm and we hope that you will continue to perpetuándose of generation #243;n in generation #243;n.

15 Apr, 2021