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Honey of Villamuñio
"Haz tu vida más dulce con miel de León"
Producción de Miel Artesanal


The of ours is a #241 small family business, starting #243; casually, rescuing a swarm of bees that will have been #237;a perched on the árbol of a neighbor.

Severe, the cría of that hive awakensó our interés for beekeeping and now we have almost a hundred.

We start by taking out a few canisters of honey for our own consumption and now we supply the whole village.


Our goal is úonly to be able to keep our hives, if we manage to give way to the production #243;n of each añor we are already satisfied.

Power to keep our littleño apiario, which is the único left in the Villamuñio field, is important for the region and that is why we care for our bees.


and Mayte

Susana Aboussouan Diez

"Ha llegado roto, he puesto una queja y todavía nadie me ha llamado"

La queja la puse a los 5 minutos de recibir el paquete y comprobar que era imposible sacarlo de la caja
Confío en que me llamen, para sustituirlo

08 Jan, 2021