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Miel Casa Bancal
"Artesanos de la miel"
Miel artesanal procedente de Huesca

From a very young age I am fascinated byó the world of bees, until I decideí turn this #241 dream into my way of life; And today I am a beekeeper with more #225;s of 20 añyou of experience, proud of my craft and enjoying dí a día with my work

Aeculture is almost a philosophy #237;a of life


Without doubt, this profesión has associated ecológico values of respect for nature and #243 active participation in the preservation of the environment #243 improve our products and the lives of our bees.


In Casa Bancal we extract raw honey, 100% natural, in a handcrafted way, taking care of every step and every detail. And it is as #237; how we get it to the consumer with all its flavor, purity and beneficial properties for health... that are muchíthere!

We offer a limited product of #243;n own and proximity, from the lands of Huesca. Our bees collect spring honey in the mountains and Chesas of the region of La Litera and in summer they do so in the meadows of Ribagorza.

The própolis and pollen are also #233;n other of our products, as #237 well as natural wax.


We are a small #241;a #243;an apíqueue in which we work two people.

The team is made up of the beekeeper and his partner,