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Mercedes Martin
"De la flor al Sabor"
Aceite de Oliva virgen extra, afrutado con aromas a tomate, y a hierba recién cortada


Sem we are a family business, recently createdón, linked to extra virgin olive oil, by culture and traditionón olive grove of our previous generations. We apply our bromatológicos knowledge and our sanitary training to elaborate an extra virgin olive oil from olives from our farms in Jaén.

The Sierras de Segura and Mágina, natural parks, are the geographical environmentáfico where the plantations of centenary olive trees are located, cultivated in a traditional way, and taking care of all the phases of ripening of the olive, from the olive flower to the obtaining of the oil, which is the juice of its fruit (the olive).


Our objective is to make available to the consumer an exclusive food, an extra virgin olive oil, único vegetable oil that is obtained by cold pressing of a fruit that is the olive.

“From Flower to Flavor” this is our slogan, because it synthesizes the care with which we take care of our olive groves, controlling the cultivation either Conventional or Ecológico, from the floweringón to the early collection of the still green fruit, (the olive) and its subsequent grinding, decantationón and packaging of the oil we obtain.

The result is an extra virgin olive oil," fruity with aromas of tomato, and freshly cut grass, and with a balanced balance of the picual.

Ideal to take raw, as a salad dressing, or to accompany a wide variety of foods.


Our team involves médicos, farmacéuticos, mill masters, and farmers with great experience in the management of the olive grove and its técnicas of cultivation, using products of cure and fertilizer ecológicos, certified, free of pesticides and formulas químicas in the case of the Línea Ecológica. In total there are five people