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Mella Heartmade
"Cerámica imperfecta hecha con el corazón"
Cerámica imperfecta hecha con cariño, con sensibilidad, piezas únicas y exclusivas


My life was going through a complicated time. My body and mind were not in harmonyía and that reverberansó on my health and I decidedí to join a cerámica workshop. Since I was littleña and thanks to my mother, cerámica has been an important elementísimo in my family, and I have always been aware of the craftsmanship involved. And cómo, through mud and earth as raw material, wonderful emotions can be expressed.

Encontré my medicine and my therapy, where to create and work with my hands, I gotíto something that for mí at that time it was impossible, disconnect and leave my head blank. I began to understand that, through the cerámica, I connected with positive emotions, my head relaxed, working in an unconscious way the concentrationón, impatience and frustrationón. And that was MARAVILLA.


In Mella Heartmade is created cerámica imperfecta con el corazón. One of the objectives is to bring cerámica to those people who do not know its artisanal process, to value clay as a substitute for plástico and to enhance its properties.

The pieces made with the heartón are únicas. By not using a lathe and working with the hands, the pieces are únicas and imperfect by convictionón. At Mella Heartmade we are committed to the different and imperfect, and we trust in the uniqueness of each process and each result. No two pieces are exactly the same and eventually each gets its own personality. For this same reason, our pieces are approximate, but never idénticas.


Casandra Mella. Artisan and e-commerce.