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Meinhardt Kosmetik
"Porque tu Piel es un Tesoro… ¡Cuídala!"
Productos cosméticos 100% personalizados

Meinhardt Kosmetik beganó from the añ or 2012, but the sueñ or could materialize in 2017. The idea was born of creating 100% Personalized CosméTicos products, where the real needs of each skin are met, taking even the #243;n station of the año. Querí we differentiate ourselves from other brands, offering personalized, quality, effective and at a good price products.

Así that in año 2017, we started the project in a small storeñita, located in the center of Barcelona and the truth that we had very good acceptance #243;n by customers, our evaluations have been excellent and we have many customers loyal to their products and our brand.

A año depués (2018) we were able to open a second store, located in the Eixample - Barcelona-, a little moreás large and cófashion, where we were able to actually execute the project; the store has a cosmético laboratory for the público, an area of #225 an ane&<3> <1>;skin lysis and a biotechnology products areaía, which we offer #237 here at Correos Market.
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Our business consists mainly of the personal customization #243;n cosmética, based on real skin needs. We create the exact fórmula that each person needs, taking into account the base of the cream and then the actives and their respective concentrations. In Meinhardt Kosmetik there are no 2 creams alike.

Currently we are carrying the model of the customization #243;n online, así we can reach más people who cannot reach the store. Así, we created the web. On this website you can customize facial, body and exfoliating creams, in 3 simple steps, and in case of doubt people can consult us through chatés.

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Currently we are a small #241 family business, created by Xavier Aranda and Karen Meinhardt, both of us who carry similar roles. However, Xavier Aranda, is administrative, with training #243;n in Cosmetología and Dermofarmacia and Karen Meinhardt, she is an engineer who #237;mica and has made several specializations in Formulación Cosmética, Cosmetología and Dermofarmacia, Gestión of Quality, among others, and is the person in charge of making the formulations. 

Ana Perez
19 May, 2021