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Health & Beauty

"Protegerse del sol y estar guap@, es complatible"
Diseño y fabricación de sombreros artesanales.


By más of 15 años, our family business has been making handmade hats. All días, we are taking steps to make our hats more durable, #225 sustainable and socially responsible, so we feel good doing them #233;ndolos and tú you feel great usándolos. From innovative craftsmans #237 and manufacturing #243;n ética to significant conservation#243;n, we always challenge ourselves to go más allá del límite.


Our business is based on health and fashion.

Dispenses a wide range of hats and caps that have a revolutionary technologyía, called UPF+50.

Our products areán designed to #241 block más of 98% of UVA and UVB.

We want to promote the importance of solar protection#243;n, since 43% of the spañoles are exposed to the sun during the central hours of the día and 20% do not use protectionón and that causes the cáncer of skin to be significantly increasing the últimos años.


Our team isá made up of professionals whose main goal is to help people protect themselves from the sun and at the same time look beautiful.