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Martinez and Gascon
"Tradición en cuchillos"
Cuchellería de Albacete


The Cuchillería Martínez & Gascón Company was founded in 1952 by the Pelayo brothers and Julián Martínez Gascón in the town of Madrigueras (Albacete) where it startsó as a small #241;or family workshop and little by little, thanks to the high quality of its product, its excellent service and #243;n to the customer, it has established itself as one of the most #225 important manufacturers of the national scene. Today in día already works in the company the 3º generation #243;n.

Comenzó being a workshop of Romans, but after several #241;is of work observed that the trade was very artisanal and with little future, therefore they created a company for the manufacture #243 of cuchillerí />


We are manufacturers of cuchillería and our business is the designñor manufacture #243 of cuchillería. Marketingón of artíkitchen asses.


We are 17 people between manufactures #243;n, warehouseén and offices.

Any forms a human team where the wisdom is mixed in the #237 and the experience of professional craftsmen (with más of 35 toños in the sector) together with jóvees employees and úlatest manufacturing technologyías manufacturing #243;