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Light of Mágina
"Artesanos en lámparas y olivos hechos y decorados a mano"
Artesanía en lámparas


We're not doing our journey in the añ or 1989 thirty #241 years ago; We left, being jó come, to take a path. Allí we learned the craft of craftsmanshipía from the repulsed. In the #241 a&<3>;o 1992 we decided to develop the craft learned, in our land, the region of Sierra Mágina, province of Jaén in the village of Cabra del Santo Cristo.
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We have been in metal craftsmen since 1989, we have been making all kinds of lighting pieces#243;

Our artíasses are: lámparas de Salón and bedroom, Pendants for desk kitchens, wall lamps, salt feetón or bedrooms; all to illuminate the home, así as trophies and decorative objects, all handcrafted and hand-decorated and we have a large catálogo of products all oriented to the work of metal.

A length of the #241 a&<7>;we have evolved and learned to carry out a whole process of elaboration #243;n in the #225 sector of l&<2> <2>;mpara and artisanal products. Our flagship product is artisanal olive trees in their various shapes and decorations.


We are a family business that is #225; formed by the three partners: Jose, Feli and Manuel.