Correos Market
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"Descubre quién eres"
Elaboración de Ropa Ecologica

Although the project has been developed with #243;n, our release date was June 1, 2020. We are a young company that bets on ecológica fashion, in sintonía with The Slow Fashion and Slow living. We have started with a limited úunique ón ú&unique product and are working to get the next #243 one right out.


We are an online shop for ecológica clothing. We sell úonly products #233 through our website: and Correos Market
Our idea is to take out products from edición limited único and exclusive fleeing mass #243 production and Fast Fashion.


The team is currently #225; consisting of Aarón Moncho, textile #241 design and tédigital stamping #243 and Andrea Pérez, designñadora and web developer, in love with digital marqueting.