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"La Solución que da luz a tu seguridad"
Sistema de cerradura inteligente con acceso a través de la app del móvil


Lightbee arisesó as a company that wants to #237;to bet on the security offered by visible light communications.

Es a new technologyía that does not need new infrastructure because it uses the one that exists, LEDs that are #225 present in all the móviles today in día.

For what we contribute to a clean más planet without the problems of new radio frequency infrastructures and with much lower consumption, we are finally an energy friendly.


The development of the Lightkey service is #225 a future bet for an increasingly digital customer but who knows how to value the security offered by our #243;n. Light is a means of transmissión that ensures that the data only reaches its recipient.

We currently offer a smart lock system such as vía of access to your home using the móvil (your móvil screen) to allow access where the customer sees cuándo is acted onúa. Intuitively, fácil to use, aim shoots and opens. Without the need for key deliveries, if you want to share you simply give it access through the mé #243;vil app and you choose cuánto time.

want to get to all the homes or apartments #237;sticos. You imagine being able to send the key to a friend so that he can enter a house on another island at the moment, or if you forget the key have the guaranteeía that you always have an alternative #233 through your móvil.

don't need to change the current key system, just integrate our lock and you're done.


Currently, we are a team of 6 engineers from different industrial branches, telecommunications and business development and strategy to present to the world a new concept of access and identification #243;n más safe and with less cost than those currently existing, simply because we use existing infrastructure.