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Garcia of the Church Liquors
"Licores de Tradición"
Elaboración de Licores


Make más of 25 años, for family circumstances, we consider continuing with the ArtisanAl Manufacturing Activity of Brandy #243;n, a proposal of family carácter of generational relief. We #237 to forget about the past or continue with the #243;n, taking the step from clandestineness to Legality.

The Majuelar is a salmantine family business born in Aldeadávila de la Ribera, única in its sector, with #243 a long tradition of the artisanal #243 manufacture of Spirits, Liquors and Liquor Creams. The manufacturing processes #243;n and the use of natural #243 raw materials determine the high quality of our products.

The constant participation of our Company in #243 events and fairs brings our product closer to the final consumer, being able to try before buying and benefiting from #225 a good relationship #243;n quality price.


Our business consists of #243 the harvesting of the grapes, from our viñedos and we use it as a fundamental raw material, for the elaboration #243;n of our artisan brandy. We make the brandy, in the traditional copper alquitara, in our smallña destilería, located in Aldeadávila de la Ribera (heart of #243 the Arribes del Duero). With the basis of the brandy we make both the liquor creams, as well as the spirits.

A throughout the año 2020, we have specialized in the manufacture of #243 custom liqueurs and creams for any type of Companies, Associations, Popular Festivals or Institutions (…). We have promoted our artisan products as an attractive resource, with the logo of each of our customers, accompaniesñado of a personalized text if the customer wishes.

We adapt to any of our customers' proposals.

We will continue throughout 2021, promoting and improving this líline of custom products.


Eusebio Garcia the company's manager, his wife Mª de los Dolores (Loli) sales director and his daughter primogénita Rocío García.