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Old Olma Legumes
"Legumbres de la Vega de Saldaña, nuestras legumbres."
Elaboración legumbres


La Vieja Olma was born on año 2016 in Villanueva de los Nabos, in the saldaña vega area in the province of Palencia and watered by the Carri riverón. Already decía Arguiñano: “The legumes of Saldaña, the best in España” “And those of Carrión the best in the región”…, and ours in the middle “are”.

A matter of youth, we already have a seal of quality that recognizes our products, being members of the Food club of Palencia. A young project but with centuries of experience endorsed by our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, labradors all of them and lovers of their work. And especially with the conviction of wanting and being able to live from what we #225;s like, which is the rural environment and the countryside. Traditionally this area has produced and exported a lot of legume over the past century, but extensive agriculture and the péloss of labor in the villages has made it #225 hardly residual. This situation #243;n is extending to the whole national territory, where we produce only 10% of the legume we consume, the remaining 90% is imported. Hereí lies our goal and philosophyía main: bet sólo for the autóctoneo, local product. All our legumes come from small farmers #241.


We are farmers, produced and market our legumes directly, as #237; like those of other farmers in the area who bet on this product that has ceased to be sown in favor of other profitable and less labor-friendly má With our project we also #233;n collaborate in promoting sustainable agriculture, giving the farmer an alternative to other products and doing a #243 rotation of crops that makes no fertilizers that are provided químicos to our legumes.

By our location#243;n and climatología, from our area have always come out excellent legumes complying with the 3 mínimas requirements of this product: cookingón, texture and flavor.

Coercialize the species autóctonas, Alubia Pinta or Garbanzo, and especially "La Perla de la Vega", the White Bean of Riñón, well known by the región. In our #225;n of offering new and different products than usual, knowing that our location #243;n allows it, this campaña we have started with the #243 marketing of Alubia Canela and Alubia Arrocina. We have already done tests with new species, common from other areas, which we will be incorporating in próximas campañas.

For our philosophy#237;a company and the limited extension #243;n dedicated to these crops, it is an exclusive and limited product. That's why we focus on a demanding consumer who is committed to the local product.

In the short/medium term our goal is to consolidate ourselves as a reference to the #243;n and to make ourselves known in the rest of the National Territory.


Legumbres La Vieja Olma is born from the efforts of two brothers, lovers of the countryside, coming from completely opposite activities and who seek to live from the countryside in a rural environment.

Carlos Lorenzo, 33 años, until 2 años and for 5, developedó its work as Técnico installer of structures, is currently Farmer and COO of the company.

Luis Lorenzo, 39 años, Bachelor of ADE, for 13 años Bolsa Broker, developing his work activity in Madrid, currently CEO of the company. 

Pablo Mendoza Pardo
09 Aug, 2020
Mercedes Robles Clemente


23 Oct, 2020

"Excelentes, rapidez en la entrega"

25 Oct, 2020
María Flor Valladares González


Ha llegado correctamente. Todo bien. Gracias.

30 Jan, 2023

Gracias por tu comentario María Flor. Nos alegra que hayas tenido una buena experiencia con Legumbres La Vieja Olma. ¡Esperamos verte pronto de nuevo!