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Laurel and thyme
"Sabores de monte"

This merchant belongs to the association FADEMUR.
You can find out more about her on herwebsite.

Conservas en escabeche de Teruel


The idea comes up in 2016. Our family has been #237;a always dedicated to the cárnico sector. We thought that the transformation of this raw material #243 through #233;#233 of the family's traditional recipes would allow us to produce a gourmet product intended for a público with high expectations for gastronómicas. After two years of #241;market research, testing and project, we go on the market, makes ñy a half offering meat preserves made by hand.

Our preserves are #225;n made with the téconica of the pickled and confit whose secret is none other than time and slow fire, offering flavors and textures that, because of long processes, disappear from our kitchens. The idea has always been to offer a ready-to-eat, natural, healthy, preservative and colorant-free product made with dedication#243;n and mime.

The value of our gastronomyía and local resources has led us to include black truffle or azafrán in our preserves and together with the extra virgin olive oil, base of our products, we have achieved innovative products and differentiating that delight the palates moreás demanding.

The catáproduct logo has been growing, including más types of meats and a new línea of vegetable preserves that, following the same philosophyía, have been created to pair the meat preserves.

Offering a gourmet product made by hand, following traditional recipes and #233 different cooking techniques#243;n that, because they require a lot of time, gradually disappear from our kitchens.

The idea is to offer a ready-to-consume product that is exquisitely #225 is healthy (low-fat meats, extra virgin olive oil, preservatives- or colorants and gluten-free).


Working and marketing canned meat and vegetables ready for consumption and made with handcrafted cooking #233 techniques;#243;n that require long execution timesón. They are destined for a gourmet pú that also cares #225 about a #243 food.

We will go as far as our ability to create #243 and #243;n our ability to create and #243; We don't get any #250;n límite.


Are three partners/brothers: 

Andrea and Ángel in charge of the stoves and #243;n and Susana in the área of marketing #243;n and marketing.

Ignacio de Diego


Rápido y muy bien embalado.

20 Jul, 2020
Pablo Antonio Hernández García
22 Nov, 2020
Pablo Antonio Hernández García

"Ágil, rápido y seguro."

El embalaje y presentación del producto está muy bien.

08 Jan, 2021
Pablo Antonio Hernández García

"Ágil, rápido y seguro."

08 Jan, 2021
Ana maria Fernandez garcia


En una el paquete muy bien embalado y rapido

14 Feb, 2022

¡Muy buenas! Nos alegra ver que tu experiencia con Laurel y tomillo ha sido agradable, Ana Maria. Cuenta con nuestra ayuda siempre que la necesites. ¡Un saludo!