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The delights of the Dean's Palace
"El sabor de la Sierra de Gata en mermeladas y conservas naturales."
Elaboración de Mermeladas y conservas naturales.


What I do is plant, care for, collect, package and distribute sweet, savory and preserved artisanal, natural and produced vegetables#243;n, fruit trees and family orchard located in the Sierra de Gata, Cáceres. Always using agro-#233;cnicas agroecológicas.

Empecé to make them nine years ago, #241 when I was born #243; my son Darío and changed many things in mí, retomé going to the family field and taking advantage of all the products in the garden to offer my family a #243 healthy, healthy and natural food.

Then it was when you #233; to see whaté podíto do to continue maintaining the family field, take advantage of the large quantities of products that were left over, take advantage of others that were not used at the time and see cómo being able to live in the rural environment, in addition to #225 contributing to the social and environmental sustainability of the planet.

In 2018 I came up withó that what I was doing in a family plan, making products from the garden, podía try with friends and in an ecológico market of the Caños de Mecca in Cádiz.  The truth is that I was very personally helped by these experiences.  My friends congratulated me on how rich the jams and vegetable preserves (cat sauce) were, as did the people who went to the market. And get #237; in three months sell all the production you #243 have #237;a.

The values and philosophyía that move me to continue believing and working for this project is to contribute my grain of sand to contribute to environmental and social sustainability, enseñ give my child a series of values such as respect, honesty, sensitivity, solidarity, love, etc. to continue to maintain the family field and live in the countryside and in the countryside.

Además this project, has many possibilities to continue growing, such as being able to take advantage of fruit and vegetables from the Sierra de Gata, (currently not used), develop other products such as dehydrated, natural juices, patés, mushroom packaging, etc.

Including offer the práctica experience of collecting your own vegetables or fruit and transforming it into jam or canning people who come sightseeing in the area or attract them #225;is for this initiative.

There is a very important social aspect in #243 a part of this project that has been the elaboration of special gourmet kits for Christmas 2019-2020 (Christmas baskets and different gifts), by women and men from associations working with people of different capacities such as Aspace Dos Hermanas, who works with people with parábrain lysis, Afa Tomares, who works with people with Alzheimer's and the Foundation #243;n Rocío Triana who attends people with síndrome de Down.

In all entities I have voluntarily developed #243 a recovery and reuse workshop #243;n of shoe or fruit cardboard #243 boxes that were considered waste. Through the painting they #233 have transformed them into works of art, where they have been able to capture their emotions, stimulate the autonomía personal, social, learning other social skills and have been able to carry out tasks for the acquirerón of social and pre-labor skills through activities of collecting boxes, trimming, pasting and painting. This project is called ecopackagingsocial The delights of the Palace of the Déan.


Somos a small family business #241 dedicated to promoting a natural healthy food #243;n with extremeños autóctons. We create, produce and distribute sweet, savory jams of different flavors and vegetable preserves, made by hand with a variety of fruits and vegetables, from our own garden. From ahí innovate and create new flavors, mixing  and combining healthy and healthy foods of the region, through #233 the agroecología that can enrich our own food #243;n.

The delights of the Palace of the Deán, emerge as a variety of gastronómicos, some of recipes already fixed and others, subject to the availability of products from the garden and creativity in recipes, where the sweet and the salty are intermingled.



I am currently sólo yo, even if my idea is to grow in the #250;n is to incorporate workers to work in the garden, in the #243 elaboration of products, in packaging and distribution #243;n. I have a Degree in Environmental Sciences, Técnica de acción social for more than #225;s of 14 years #241;os. Volunteer in Cuba, Nicaragua, México and San Salvador.

To reconcile my motherhood I had to leave all this and redirect my professional path according to my profile and my future life project. Así was like deciding #237; being entrepreneurial, agro-#243;gica and rural.