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Lance and Malone
"Una original tienda de arte dedicada a la ilustración, el collage y la fotografía"
Exhibición y venta de arte


Lance and Malone beganó in February 2018 with our shop in the old town of San Sebastián dedicated to the exhibitionón and sale of art.

The photographía, collage or illustration #243;n are some of the formats that we like #225 and that we like and that is #225;n más present in our store but there is #233 also room for other art forms.

Lance comes from the world of photographyí and has done everything the way from times to today'#243 s digital age in día. In this process he has moved through many places doing all kinds of work; portraits, street photo, black and white, architecture, música and alsoén much surfing (in and out of the water). Today in día combines photographyía with collage and painting.

Malone moves in the world of the web, the vídeo and the photográfico although its great pasión is surfing. His role in this project is to provide the digital más part of the creation #243;n and his experience perfectly combines with the training #243;analógica of Lance.

Juntos have created this space in which to offer their creations and also #233;n that of other artists who share this same visionón and style like Mikel Casal, Rosco and Roscow.


Our business consists of a física store and also an online #233 store. The idea is to reach all the públicos that visit us in San Sebastián, but also #233 sell to customers from all over the world #233 through our website, #225 in addition to some other stores.


We are 2 partners,

The partners and authors are Lance and Malone but a total of 5 artists are involved in the project