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The Queen & The Drone
"Energía natural, ingredientes de verdad."

This merchant belongs to the association AVILAGRO.
You can find out more about her on herwebsite.

Apicultura tradicional, sostenible e innovadora

In 2015 we return to our orí <9>;gines, we leave the city to return to the town where it startedó our project apícola, recovering abandoned land from grandparents and dáings life again.

Realize a traditional, sustainable and innovative beekeeping, creating signature honeys and a line of energy productséetics based on honey and super eco.


Epators, we are engaged in the production of #243;n, elaboration #243;n and product development apícolas.

we'll get as far as our bees go,


Somos 2:

Mónica and Jose Javier