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The Imperfecta
"LA IMPERFECTA y AMARA, dos perfectos y ricos superalimentos."
Cultivo Ecológico y producción de zumos y mermeladas


A successful journey: My name is Chema and I am the artífice of “The Imperfecta”. After keeping in mind my project agrícola, everything beganó to take shape a sunny día del año 2013 when travelingé to a nursery of Elche, cradle of the Mollar grenade, to select varieties and seedlings of grenades, bring them to my farm agrícola de Cullera (Valencia), plant them and carry them forward under the strict rules of ecológico on the shores of the Mediterráneo.

For the weather, the land and the attentions I give them, every otoño, healthy ecológicas, exquisite únicas and with a marked personality, ahí its unique name, “La Imperfecta”.

Isla rubí: This fruit inspires me ó the name of the farm by the color of the flowering grains and their grains. Those red tones contrast with the white of the orange blossom of the fields of orange and grapefruit that surround us,

All an arrow: On that trip, I don't sé either if I chose the varieties of grenades to mí or I to them, the truth. It has been quite a success to select the #243;n that I did #233;, así that, at the año next planté the Wonderful variety, the más known worldwide, intensely red, large, más áacid, precious, look “models”.

¡Al trópico!: I have planted, on a small plot #241 of the farm, guavas to grow them in ecológico for fresh consumption and to enjoy them in jam or in canned casquitos ¿Whyé guavas? Being as healthy as pomegranates, good antioxidant and one of the más foods rich in vitamin C (even más than cítricos) since every 100 gr contain 228mg of áacid ascórbico.

¿Whyé The Imperfecta and Amara?

“The Imperfecta” because it is a perfect grenade inside: great heartón, precious grains, juicy, large, with an invaluable piñón, sweet and very tasty and imperfect on the outside: because the color of your skin depends on the part of the árbol dónde have been bred and are very sensitive to rubbing the leaves or branches, no two are the same.

“Amara” for our guavas because it comes from Greek, means “pémoon flower heel” and evokes the radiant white of the guava flower.


In Rubí Island, every pomegranate and guava harvested, has a function ón, so our business has four struts:

  • Steelógico: Grenadas and guavas, for fresh consumption, cosechándolas at their point óptimo de maduración (several passes through árbol).

  • Revalued sugar: We dedicate a part of the harvest to the production of #243 our juice “The Imperfecta” in limited quantities and therefore dándole más value, because únicamente transform our own “Imperfectas” and Wonderful.

  • Other superfood: Smallña production of jam #243;n and preserves natural peeled casquitos of guava mediterránea cultivated in Rubí.

  • Sustainability and respect for the environment: We make compost with the rest and plant residues after making the juice, jam and preserves it in halves.

Tres kilos of grenade. Fruit and nothing más: For each 750 ml bottle of juice, more than #225 three kilos of ecológicas grenades, the largestía of “The Imperfecta” and a smallña proportion #243 of the Wonderful variety and nothing more than #225;s, NOTHING OF NOTHING.

Con él we have managed to make moreás accessible the consumption of natural and pure pomegranate throughout the año and not sólo en fresco in otoñal.

Health on all four sides: Our juice, Exquisitely flavored, it provides well-being to those who consume it thanks to its múltiples properties since pomegranate, a superfood, is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and in antiocyanins además of being a purifying, digestive, hypocalórich fruit that even helps prevent certain diseases. The same goes for jam and guava caps, because this unique fruit is loaded with properties.

Inquiet@s: Aún we want to arrive más allá así that, our journey with these fruits aún has steps to take after the investigations we are doing.


Blanquet 1 and 2, Manuela, bees, pájaros…, you can already imagine the variedness of our team led by the Blanquets and Manuela, the cats of Isla rubí who have fun climbing and caressing the árboles with their uñas or give the same happy head in their shade.

As hereí we do not use pesticides of ningún type and maintain a varied biodiversity: flowers of different colors that conquer the bees of Toni, our reference beekeeper and responsible for enjoying flowering while pollinating; herbs that serve as a green fertiliser after passing the trimmer, terrestrial turtles, pairs of birds of different species and nests with eggs, ladybugs and other insects..., truly all are part of the “team” together with Richard, (expert in the cultivation of guava), Artur and Isabel under my direction#243;n, Chema.

Joints grow the hauls and guavas taking great care of the details and scrupulously, sówe use stiércol, plant remains, fermented as nettle and aromatic oils #225;ticos (rosemary) that naturally help rid us of the impertinent inón in the tender leaves of the árboles.

Isabel Herrero Andorno
07 Mar, 2021
Maryna Brostovska

"Experiencia muy mala"

El principio recebi sólo un bote de dos compradas. Y luego después de hablar con vendedor recebi otro juntos con un zumo, como un detalle por error. Pues ha llegado la mitad de zumo, y a parte el zumo estaba en mal estado. Parece vergonzoso. Y muy desagradable. Recebir una disculpa en este modo. No puedo creer

17 Mar, 2021
antonio gomez cayuelas
04 Apr, 2021
Luis Lozano

"Muy rápido"

12 Dec, 2022

¡Muy buenas! Nos alegra ver que tu experiencia con La Imperfecta ha sido agradable, Luis. Cuenta con nuestra ayuda siempre que la necesites. ¡Un saludo!