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The Spiral
""Porque estar mejor es posible""
Trabajo para la mejora del Sistema Inmunólogico en Pandemia


With the artesanía we have been working something más of 5 años, and the línea of products that we want to offer on the página post market aroseó months after #233 the pandemic began.

With the línea of radiestesia we have been working for a long time#225;s, specifically, my partnerñero Jose who is the zahorí, has been working this for more #225 than 30 años. That's when we feel it's time to put up for sale the radiation kit we're making,

Our idea with this project is to be able to offer quality products that are also #225;s to protect (in the case of masks) ó to wear (shirts), give us a plus, something more#225;s.

They are garments that are #225;n made with a certain intention #243;n and which are #225; providing sísymbols, drawings, etc… that help us to raise our level of vibrationón to strengthen the immune system #243;gico.


Our business consists of selling different items (masks, T-shirts, ornaments…) customized with a certain #243;n. ¿Con cuál? Use universal símbolos with specific #233;ticasíficas capabilities in order to provide protection #243;n and raise the vibration level #243 of the wearer.

Sambién we offer for sale a very complete radiestesia kit (designñado and developed by a very complete zahorí experienced) consisting of: an abbreviated manual on radiestesia and zahori art, a pair of rods, a péndulo and several tables.

Our intention #243;n with éthis project is to reach the greatest númere number of possible people so that they can know what we do and can benefit from the qualities of our garments.


The team is made up of 2 people, my partner #241;ero Jose and I, Ainhoa.

Jose and I, together with Ananda, our 5 años son, formed a family and a working group. We live in the mountains, surrounded by nature and connected to the world of “energía subtle”. We live in a completely self-sufficient house and our workshop also #233;n goes accordingly as it is a bioclimática shed built by ourselves with straw bales and clay.