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La Dorita
"Haz de tus complementos tu segunda piel"
Mochilas, carteras, joyeros, cinturones y un montón de cosas más 100% artesanos

All started#243; when #243 I was born; my daughter, I wanted to #237 buy her a bag that fits her#225; my needs and I found nothing I liked, then I came up with #243 the idea of doing it #233 myself. I do not find itó too differentícil and #233; to make cart bags and sell them in my business. From ahí my curiosity was growing and I expanded my training #243;n. Comencé to make bags and purses in leather, but I did not quite like it, I feltí that that kind of artíass can be #237 found in any store and since it did #237; to something, that was #237 to be different. Then discover #237; the world of embossing and I love it.#243;. I set out to make a backpack for mí and I was impressedó the result. I'#233; to do moreás artí asses and I saw that people respondí to better than I could have imagined. Now I make backpacks, wallets, jewelers, belts and a montón of things moreás.

From then the idea of making the first bag was not ésta, but looking at what I have come to I can't deny that I love the result.


In my business is done absolutely everything by hand, there are no máningún type. All our artíass are 100% artisans and the products we use are 100% of national origin. Absolutely everything is #225; attention to detail. The artíleather embossed asses are very laborious. First of all you have to take out a patrón of the work you are going to do, cut the skin and separate it to go workándondola in groups. Once you have clear the drawing and have outlined it on a piece of paper, it must be embossed on the leather for later embossing and painting or dyeing if necessary. On the other hand you will have #225 to have the demás pieces of artíass ready to assemble. Holes are made, glued and sewn by hand for durability. All this comes from a few #237 days; #243;n, depending on the work. Once finished and careful all the details are taken to the store or packed to send to its recipient. The idea is to reach más people keeping the same type of manufacture #243;n in each artíass.


Soy autónoma.

Olga Dapena Madrid


Espectacular acabado y original, no puede ser más bonito.

12 May, 2021

Muchísimas gracias, me alegro mucho que te guste.