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The Le Pain Tranquille Cooperative
"Elaboración de Conservas"
Elaboración de Conservas

The Le Pain Tranquille Cooperative began on May 16, 2018, on the day of Sant Honorato the patrón of bakers, pastry chefs and florists


Our main objective is to offer an ecológico and/or proximity artisan product and at the same time autoemplearnos.

We believe that #243;n feeding is key to the health of both the físico and psychological healthógica

A #243;#243&gica and proximity feed, creates ties to the trusted environment and support mútuo.

Innovate in the processes and recpeoed traditional and ancient recipes.


Our business is an artisan of products made with ecológico and proximity ingredients. We have a wide variety of breads, preserves, drinks and sweets. We also perform cátering and event food.


We are Anna González, bióloga, topógrafa and bread #243;n lover. And Elleflâne, engineer and astrofísica and lover of inventing the elaboration #243;n new products and recovering the histórich traditions of elaboration #243;n

Nick Holtham

"Fácil. Llegaron rápidamente"

30 Oct, 2020
Marina Semitiel


14 Nov, 2020
Esther Martínez Nazarova

"Les millors galetes de món"

És increïble, estan boníssimes

15 Feb, 2021