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The Artisan Colmenera
"Las abejas son nuestra pasión"
Nuestras colmenas se encuentran en bosques de la provincia de Salamanca.

The Artisan Colmenera #243 was born; about 6 añ ago; in times of crisis, the circumstances of life that lead usó to start in this world. We are Félix and Sara, father and daughter. We set out on a path and ended up falling in love with #225 them, the bees. They're our #243;

We are dedicated to the críbees and the obtain #243ing of their main products. Our hives are located in forests of the province of Salamanca.

Our goal is to show and bring you closer to the world of beekeeping. Así how to enjoy the products we get through #233 them naturally. Withócenos and #225;ñwe will follow the journey with them.


We are dedicated to the cría of bees and as a consequence to obtain #243ing their main products (honey and pollen). We market our honey through #233 our brand "La Colmenera Artesana". There is forest honey (mainly holm oak and oak) and milflores honey. The process is done in a traditional way and prioritizing quality over quantity,

Without additives or preservatives. Natural,


Sara and Félix, Félix and Sara.

Father and daughter,