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The House of Mushrooms
"Somos especialistas en setas y trufas"
La mayor selección de productos micológicos, todo lo relacionado con las setas y las trufas.


From 2013 we started the journey of La Casa de las Setas. A project in which we combine all the offer of products micológicos and related to mushrooms and truffles in a single store.

Work with the best national artisans and producers to offer the largest #243 selection of #243 products.

In our beginnings we offered #237;we have a small #241 selection #243 of products that we have been constantly expanding to the #225 of 1700 current references.

If you like mushrooms, truffles and nature, La Casa de las Setas you will like.


We offer several #237 product lines, #243 equicy;n #243,crop and gourmet products, all related to mushrooms, truffles and nature.

In our #243 section of horseback riding#243;n findás wicker and caste basketsño handmade, special backpacks for the collection #243 of mushrooms, knives, clothes técnica, books, dehydrators...

If you like cooking and you like mushrooms in our sectionón gourmet findás dehydrated and powdered mushrooms, canned mushrooms and truffles, oils and spirits, risottos, ... The largest selection #243 of gourmet #243 domestic products. ¡Pruébalos!


The team of La Casa de las Setas is #225; made up of 3 people, which in the season of otoño expand, with the aim of offering a ágil service and a #243 attention to the first-class customer. ¡It is an #243 obsession for us!