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The Pumpkin House
"Disfrute de la más amplia variedad de calabazas ecológicas del mercado"
Producción de calabazas naturales


The House of the Pumpkin was #243 born; five years ago at #241 the initiative of José Carlos Ruiz, a journalist converted into a farmer after returning to his hometown of Burgos.

The objective is to offer our customers, without intermediaries, the más wide range of 100% natural #243 production pumpkins;n. In this field #241 we offer 17 varieties of cucurbitáceas for human consumption, and several tens más of types of decorative and other uses.


The project is #243 born with clear commitments that remain in place. Sówe market it produced pumpkins #243 own, which allows us to control their traceability from when we collect them on our farms until they arrive at their homes. In addition#225;sówe keep it running the sales campñ while it is in #225;n at the time óptimo. In this way, we assure you that you will receive products of máxima quality. By último, our pumpkins are completely natural: neither fruits, nor plants, nor soils, have been treated against weeds, phytosanitary or #243;n. The cultivation is carried out in a traditional way.

Our bet is on pumpkin varieties that you don't findán easily in traditional canals. Among those of human consumption, our main references, since we started the project, are the pumpkins of Halloween and hair of ángel, así as we see themínas, but to that list we have gone toñto others such as Cinderella, Delica, Turkish Turbante, Moscada de Provence, Curve Neck, Spaghetti, White, Bonetera, Totanera, Giants, Amish Pie or Some are very different #237;cyles to get in España. They are joined by several tens of más of types of ornamentals and for other uses, such as Luffa or pilgrims.


The boy for everything in La Casa de la Calabaza is José Carlos Ruiz, a journalist who, having exercised this profesión for more #225;s of two dé each in Madrid, he returnedó to his hometown in the northwest of Burgos, where he was at the head of an own agricultural #243 farm and took advantage of #243 his experience in the world online to launch the project


Él carries out the cultivation work, manages the website of the initiative and #233 also, with the help of the family, prepares all orders and meet the requests of customers.

Celia Muriel Martin

"Calabazas en perfecto estado"

Este proveedor me envió calabazas con gran rapidez. Llegaron en perfecto estado y bien protegidas. Son de una calidad excelente. La mitad del pedido está más maduro y la otra mitad un poco menos para que aguante más.

13 Nov, 2020
javier blumenfeld
25 Nov, 2020
antonio gomez cayuelas
26 Nov, 2020