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La Baraca S. Coop. Special
"La mascota tragamóviles"
Tecnología Inteligente


We are a social enterprise in the form of a cooperative society of associated work that we have created a non-existent product in the market such as the "Tragone", which is a simple tool to try to make a more ás rational and controlled use of the móviles devices (móviles, tablet, etc). This tool is embodied by four different prototypes, which are manufactured manually and handmade and can be described, having a shape similar to that of a stuffed animal and an animal, as the pet slotóviles.

The idea arises in a small town in the North of Cáceres, by several women jóvenes of the locality with entrepreneurial restlessness and who detected that there isía problem with an excessive use of the móviles and other digital devices that were giving rise to various problems: pérdida of communicationón in the families, accidents, social isolation, anxiety, lack of control of schedules in the más jóvenes, worst results académicos, etc.


Currently, we are facing the challenge and the need to publicize in a "massive" way this product so interesting and so necessary in today's society, not in vain, the voices of alarm about the excessive dependence and use of the móviles is already án jumping in a very clear way in different forums both specialized (professional) and family environments.


The organizational structure of the cooperative isá headed by a president, a secretary and three remaining members. The first two (president and secretary) are also among the members of the cooperative.