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Health & Beauty

"Rituales de cuidado con alma."
Ritual de Belleza a través de los sentidos.


We start at año 2020.

KuidArte aims to offer you care for yourself or for the desire to take care of another, through #233;s of Rituals made with natural products and essences.

The aromas, contact with the skin… have an effect on the body: calm, sensuality, well-being, pleasure, memories.…Every ritual of KuidArte, made manually, with natural products and chosen one by one, will take you to a #225 space of intimacy, enjoyment, being touch and smell fundamental aspects of our experiences…

Recovering the sense of care from the soul is our main goal.


Our business consists of the preparation of kits #243 composed of different products intended for skin and body care, whose description #243;n is seen as #225; más adelante.


We are two people, Mayka Manzano and Natalia Martínez.