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Koru Spirulina
"Espirulina artesanal en forma de hebras, cultivada con agua de manantial y secada a baja temperatura para mantener todas sus propiedades nutricionales"
Espirulina de calidad


Os we will tell our journey to produce a quality spirulina, that is, to create KORU Spirulina.

During his studies at the University of Marine Sciences, the professor of aquaculture reveals to usó the qualities that make microalgae “spirulina” so exceptional. It was the spark that #243; our fascination #243;n for it and the desire to create this project in which we cultivated spirulina in a handcrafted way pampering quality.

Our training #243;n is consolidatedó in a artisanal growing plant in Montpellier (France), a pioneer in this type of cultivation in Europe for more #225;#241;os.

In 2015 we moved from País Vasco and Navarra to Acebo, in the Sierra de Gata, looking for the best conditions of both climate and environmental quality. The water for cultivation comes from a spring of mountña, fresh and healthy.

Our idea is to produce this wonderful algae with proven nutritional qualities and do it in the best possible way, with a clear objective: quality.

That is why we moved to Acebo in the Sierra de Gata looking for a pure place with a high quality water and at the same time with climáideal conditions.

We present spirulina in strands, a new format that is obtained by our artisanal processing and that allows us to introduce spirulina into our recipes of cuisine.

In definitively, we have decided to dedicate our lives to this project in which we are happy offering spirulina like never before the #237;as tested.


Spirulina is handcrafted. We carry out the whole process from the cultivation of spirulina inside a greenhouse with all the parácontrolled meters to its final packaging, ready for sale.

Atesy #237sy we harvested a portion of the spirulina. After #233;s of the harvest, we press the fresh spirulina and shape it strands to put it in a solar dryer at low temperature (40-45 ºC). Once dehydrated we pack the spirulina in strands and it is already #225; ready to be consumed.

Low-temperature drying is essential for quality spirulina. 99% of the spirulina on the market is industrial and dried by atomizationón (250 ºC) which destroys much of its nutritional value and causes it to degrade moreás #225 easily over time.

It is essential that the growing water is of high quality. That is why we have chosen this location #243;n in Acebo (Sierra de Gata) with a water of great purity that we analyze periódicamente.

Tambi&n #233 we analyze our perió spirulina;dicamente in food laboratories to ensure its quality. Our spirulina is grown without pesticides or herbicides and our final product is 100% spirulina, without any additive quú #237;mico.

To the energyía that our company needs is obtained through solar panels to reduce our environmental footprint.


We are a team of 2 people. 

KORU Spirulina está formed by Ainhoa and Unai. We both have a university #243(Unai Dorronsoro: bachelor's degree in Marine Sciences and Ainhoa Zabala: Diploma in Sociologyía and Bachelor's Degree in Ethnología). We have in #250;n the love of nature and #243;n healthy.

We are very enthusiastic in our work and we like to look for new ideas to improve in all áreas. That's why we love direct dealing with our customers to receive their opinions and continue to grow together