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"Exprésate con cerámica"
Diseño y Elaboración de Joyas y Bisuteria


Somos ceramists since 1983 when we create a smallño workshop and enter the world of mud and enamels, eagerly but without a specific #243;n form #237;fica, so sólo point contacts with ceramist friends that allowed us to guess the possibilities of these materials.

Joining creativity with the #243 research and experimentation #243;n that we have been practicing, we have managed to offer products with a very defined personality and style.

Ally we have attended different courses to expand knowledge.

Step the años and cerámica we continue to broaden horizons, because its versatility and the variety of #233 existing techniques always inspire us to continue searching, discovering and enjoying.


Our work is craftsman, taking care of raw materials and processes to achieve the greatest consistency with our vital approach.

In the designños there is a deep symbolism in which a way of doing, thinking and feeling with which you can feel identified and that accompanies youñará in the día día. That's why our #237;a is something moreás, it's another way of expressing #243;n.

Powerás also find us #233 in specialized shops, craft fairsía and on our website. We want to be always accessible to you so we are increasing our online presence.


Kimu we are Peke and Anna, family microenterprise with almost 40 años of walking where we gather creativity, experience, curiosity, búsqueda and huge doses of cariño.

Peke is the creator of all designños, the alma mater of the project and Anna deals with gestión and marketing #243;n.

The production is made between #243 the two, always seeking to offer the máxima quality and achieve the satisfactionón of the user.

Carlota García Ahlers


Viene bien presentado, con atención al detalle y el colgante es realmente bonito. Recomendable 100%. Gracias por la carta personalizada

26 Nov, 2021
Javier Muñoz Moreno

"Original para regalar"

Vendedor excelente y producto artesanal muy bonito y original. Volveré a, comprar más al vendedor. Además muy detallista.

03 Jul, 2022

¡Muy buenas! Nos alegra ver que tu experiencia con Kimu ha sido agradable, Javier . Cuenta con nuestra ayuda siempre que la necesites. ¡Un saludo!