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"El diseño llevado a los soportes."
Decoración y soportes


KaimoK is born from the unión of two passions, the diseño and the bicycle. Always inspired by the Italian essence, the idea arises as a result of a necessity, which gradually takes shape,

The choice of #243 name, materials, design #241;o, graphías and logo all made with the illusión and the desire to transform the bike into a decorative element.

Cho in Vietnamese is the meaning of KaimoK.

A name you getó after several ideas, always looking for a concept that would combine utility and decorative appearance.

Y así is like KaimoK forges your project and manages to locate the bike's passón in everyday environments.


With the evolución of the use of the bicycle both at the sports level and means of transport, KaimoK offers  the #243 solution to integrate it into the everyday spaces, giving a touch of design ño and armonía with the interior of the place.

The support is the minimalist, contemporaryó #225;nea and multifunction solutionón, which wants to be   part of the environment even if the bike is not hung.


omos two: Montse and Prospero