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Jose Antonio Ezquerra Tomás
""Del cariño por las abejas... El dulce que te esperas""
El bienestar de mis abejas lleva a una miel de mayor calidad

A few añ ask meé how I #243;I can turn my professional life around


Ya comeía family with traditionón apíqueue and this fact #243 me; to train me, to investigate and decide to start this journey.

All started#243; as a hobby and gradually I have acquired more ás knowledge and expanding the númere hives.

I always liked the rural world, contact with nature and trying to help recover #243;n of the medium.

With this project, I get #237 to know about this, to all this, since I spend moreás time in the villages of mi niñez, I enjoy hours in the countryside surrounded by beautiful places and with the care of the bees I contribute to the pollinationón of the species of the area.


In the present day, I manage to cut Honey of Romero from the province of Zaragoza for spring, and in summer the trashum a la Serranía de Teruel a más of 1000 m high with the aim of seeking greater well-being for bees, since they have better climate and más vegetación, with this short summer honey made up of the floral crowd that allí there is

The objective I pursue is to provide quality to each of the processes, from the thorough work in the field to the careful #243 extraction of honey; from the búsearch of the best environments for bees to the finish of the final product.

I anticipate #243d not to achieve an increase in the production #243;n but to achieve the best well-being for my bees that involves a higher quality honey.


  • Y the único in the project.
Carlos Salas Campillay
09 Oct, 2020
Luis Miguel Garcia Bara
24 Nov, 2020
lorenzo moreno gonzalez

"muy bien"

11 Jan, 2021
Carlos Lafuente Zugasti
15 Jan, 2021

"El pedido llegó muy bien embalado y en perfectas condiciones."

Preparó el pedido muy protegido para que llegase en perfectas condiciones.

04 Dec, 2021