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Health and beauty

Delcortino soaps
"Artesanía para tu piel: un cuidado natural"
Jabones artesanos con base principal de aceite de oliva virgen extra


I have been making artisan soaps for many #241 years; I am a #237;mica and #233; to do them professionally in early 2019 when I put into operation my little #241;o workshop. I have a craftsman's license and my workshop are #225; within the artisan workshops recognized by La Junta de Castilla and León.

My idea is to be able to market the soaps that I manufacture and reach a customer increasingly #225;s environmentally demanding. Soaps are fully biodegradable and can be used as shower gel generating the mínimo of waste.


In the manufacture of #243 artisan soaps with main base of extra virgin olive oil (manufactureón in frí#250 o) and some other product of cosménatural tica such as champú sólido. I am autónoma and have a small #241;or rural accommodation business in cabañas wood and I want to complete my income with the elaboration of #243 soaps that has always been my great afición.


Only one person in the manufacture #243;n, packaging and commercialityón of the product.

14 Mar, 2020
19 May, 2020
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