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Mallorca soap
"Productos cosméticos 100% natural y artesanal, hechos en Mallorca"
Cosmética de Mallorca


Pués of a radical change of profesión, I started in 2016 to make natural soaps with the méall traditional saponificación in frío: the brand "jabón de Mallorca" is born.

Our philosophyía is the artisanal #243;n production with local raw materials: Sóller virgin olive oil, Mallorcan virgin sweet almond oil and Plants of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

Renatural, environmentally friendly 100% products, "plástico-free" packaging and products that offer the best for your skin.


We've been make natural soaps since 2016.

in 2017, we created the brand "Mallorca Natur", which will haveá the same espíritu as "jabón de Mallorca" but más oriented to the cosmética: a champagne is created #250; sólido, based on olive oil, rosemary and Mallorcan olive oilín. Then, in 2018, ecolá #243;gicos body oils for the face, hair and body will be released.

In 2019, I started producing essential oils with copper stills and the first 100% natural and ecólogic perfumes made in Mallorca with local ingredients. Three perfumes are available to evoke our island,

In 2020, Covid 19 shocks us like all companies, we reflect on the manufacture #243 of a soapón hands: born "Es Saboner".


Work alone, with my wife....

francisco javier cano
09 Apr, 2021