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Indigo Eyes Nature
"Siente una caricia natural en tu piel"
Cosmética natural y ecológica


Indigo Eyes Nature was born in 2016 from the búsqueda continúa of a healthy life, during these 3 almost 4 añthe brand has undergone continuous improvement. Presenting our products in Bio-Cultura 2018, having a great #243;n acceptance, being interviewed by the organization #243;n of the Fair.

The idea was to make a quality cosmética suitable for all skin types and at an affordable price. Our products are #225;n made rigorously with ingredients of natural origin and ecológica. We offer a quality #233;tica, and we do not say it…

All our cosmética está certified by bio. Inspecta (Swiss certifier of recognized prestige) under the bio standard. VidaSana (association #243;n declared useful pública that favors the consumption of natural products, ensuring the traceability and integrity of the products of cosmética ecológica and natural certificates accordingún this standard).

Our third #243;n certification is the V-label vegetarian, European badge awarded in España by Unión Vegetarian Española. This certification #243;n indicates that there are no ingredients of animal origin or their derivatives in our #233.


Our business is to sell a quality #233;tica at an affordable price.

Our idea is to internationalize the brand, for this we are already working on it and of course we want to be known in an increasingly #225 market;s awareness of bio products such as the Spanish market;#241;ol, thanking Correos for the opportunity to use their Marketplace for this purpose.


This project is #225; formed by Manuel Hoyos and Elisabet González, being Elisabet the director of it. With a separate team of designñadores, informationáticos, commercial, without which this project will also not be #237;a possible.

02 Mar, 2020

"Proceso de compra fácil y muy buen servicio"

29 May, 2020