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Inana's Soaps
"Jabones artesanales lujosos, elaborados con ingredientes naturales y sostenibles. Sin aceite de palma. Veganos."
Elaboración de Jabones


My name is Andrea and comeé to make soaps at the end of 2019, while I was pregnant with my daughter Inana. She is the main inspiration #243;n behind #225 our little #241;or family business.

It is important to switch to a non-tóxica skin care routine for pregnancy.

Me changesé to natural products and also #233;n decidí make my own soaps.

¡Use ingredients that nourish my skin (and my growing belly) and also #233 be safe for my babyé!

Supés of receiving excellent feedback from family and friends, decideí turn the manufacture of my soaps into #243 a business.


INANA'S SOAPS are hand-crafted in Barcelona, using quality ingredients that are natural, such as vegetable oils, milks and butters and use the best botánicos and natural clay ingredients to color them.

It is made in smallños batches, with each recipe and designed with #241 a personal touch.#243;n with a personal touch.

In the near future we want to expand our product range.


Víctor who is my partner and I.