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Hufen Cosmetic
"Propóleos y Miel unidos, lo mejor para tu piel"
Elaboración de productos dermocosméticos


Company created in the año 2015.

The ownership of the Crebell® trademark belongs to Hufen Cosmetic, S.L, según is recorded in the register dated February 24, 2016 under númere 358012673.

Posee product registration CN 179187.0.

Its commercial chain is made up of herbalists, parapharmacies, pharmacies, herbodietéticas, among others.

The members of the company  are #225 committed to extending the más allá de España.


HUFEN Cosmetic, S.L. aims at the production of #243;n, manufacturing#243;n, packaging, marketing #243;n and distribution #243;n of dermocosméticos.

And for this purpose it has registered the trademark Crebell® granted on February 24, 2016.

The business consists of the production of #243;n, distribution #243;n and sale of the product “cream of ordeñe”, endorsed by its formulation #243;n finished tested.

It is #243 manufacturing and packaging is developed íntegramente in the national territory by a prestigious laboratory.

Reature values support this venture: "I use #243;n for the project, will to carry it out and constancy to make it a reality"


The team is made up of #225 two people, who have the #243 certification and support of professionals from different sectors who make it possible for this project to continue #250;e its development