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"Siempre a tu lado para lo que podamos ayudar"
Asesoramiento profesional y rastreamos el mercado en busca de productos solicitados


That we want to help in any way we can both the parent who buys a computer from his child for the first time, and the #241 design company #225 that can not find material to develop its activity.

Aquí we enter to try to get any product, #225 supporting us in our network of suppliers and in our knowledge of the market.

Sy hope to be of help.


We understand to be a link between the distributor and the end customer, giving professional advice and tracking the market in search of the products that are requested, however difficult #237 they are to be found today in día.


Somos two people.

A person in charge of the company #225's bureaucratá and #243 negotiations with suppliers, Carlos and the other for advice, purchasing and sales manager, Héctor.