Hacienda Zorita
"We´re Farmers since 1366"
Gastronomía y hospitalidad que definen el “Spanish Way of Life”.


Zorita has a great historical and cultural legacy #243;rich and cultural. The first registered #243 link

it dates back to 1185, thanks to a document #243;n found on a lawsuit between

obispos by the possession #243;n of the estate.

The Estate then belongs to Doí #241;a Inés de Limoges, friend íntima de la Reina

Doña Constance (wife of D Ferdinand IV), which is why King Alfonso XI (his son)

went through the summers here #237; with her,

In 1366 Hacienda Zorita was donated to the Order of the Dominicans by Doña Inés tras

the death of her husband D Alfonso de Godines, in order to save the soul of her deceased,

Así becomesó the Hacienda a monastery for the friars where to spend them

summer season. In that Dominican monastery were housed professorsáticos of the

University of Salamanca and honorable guests passing through the city,

In 1487 it was the residence of the illustrious Cristóbal Colón who spent #243; a long season

Conferences of Valcuevo with which he intends to #237;to convince the prior of the Dominicans,

Fray Diego de Deza personal confessor of Queen Isabel La Católica, of the viability of

the new route to the Indies getting así the funds and giving way to the journey más

s off. It could be #237 to say that in Hacienda Zorita it #243; one of the events

histórich más decisive in our history the discovery of América.

It was in the nineteenth century, after the Demoratization #243;n de Mendizábal expropiación forced land

and assets of óreligious orders when Hacienda Zorita passedó in civilian hands After

many años “in the hands of anyone"

The Haciendas Company wanted to return history to this place, recovering the old one

tradición of the still estates and the beauty of

this place with more #225 than 700 años of history and turning this charismatic #225;tico

placement in a hotel único, Hacienda Zorita Wine Hotel Spa, and resume the

th centuries-old choices of good treatment of the land to produce paid wines, cheeses

dehesa and hams ibérico.


Hacienda Zorita is a único project taken up in 2003 around gastronomía and la

hospitality that define the “Spanish Way of Life”.

Hacienda Zorita has created its VIANDAS signature stores in España, UK and France,

where we distribute our own products. Además of hams and cold cuts

ibérich from the Dehesa de Salamanca, Hacienda Zorita also produces #233;n milk cheeses

sheep and goat cross from our exclusive #237;a Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm

s own viñedos payments in the Douro Valley, extra virgin olive oil

ecológico and our craft beer Coolumbus.


The team is 10 people,