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Greenworks Madrid
"Jardines Verticales"
Creación de jardines verticales


In Greenworks we are a team of professionals passionate about designño, nature and the environment. 

With headquarters in Stockholm we have opened a workshop of vertical gardens and furniture alive in Madrid Río. 

If you want to put a vertical jardín in your house  or decorate with living and original plants any space, we probably have #243 the solution that best suits your needs and budget. 

Our projects are sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Assed in our professional experience we have created a workshop  so that tú or your colleagues canáis to create and learn how to take care of your own vertical mini jardín. 

In a 2-hour workshop, each participant caná create their own composición vegetable wall in our Madrid Río space, but if you can't come, don't worry, we'll send you all the materials home to do it yourself. We have a tutorial that explains everything.


This is my project, I am Leonardo, passionate about plants and nature. Three years ago#241;os dejé the corporate world to dedicate myself to designñar, plan, install and maintain vertical gardens and decorate with living plants homes and offices.  

My professional #243 training in vertical ecosystems and decoration with plants includes #243 New York, Stockholm, London and Madrid.

In 2017 Aprí my studio at Yeserías 55, from hereí designño I teach my plant workshops and vertical gardens for all españa.