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Grafology Firmare
"Un regalo tan exclusivo como tu propia Firma…"
Artesanía de la Escritura

Sotedé and prepares meé during #241 a&<1>;#225;becoming professionally in the world of researchón caligráfica, deciphering the cóink i says that we leave on paper.

Scud í that:

-Writing is a reflection of personal #243 projection that starts in the psyche, prints temperament and is forged with lived experiences


-That in the firm is #225; our essence; it is our seal or personal brand that is chosen in freedom and for this reason única and non-transferable that is born, grows, evolves and dies with the writer


Firmare Grafología was born in November 2014.

br />My goal is to offer a gift único, original and different #233 through the graph itselfí />


A study at the gestural and structural level of the letter, defining the characteristic aspectsógicos and curiosities gráficas más highlights of the writer.

“I'm opening the report” and I present it in a very special way to Give:

- I use top quality materials and this noble #233 art such as 100% algodón craftsman paper, where I hand-paint a capital letter florated and decorated with gold leaf, details written with ink and pen (such as antaño) and seal the work with yute rope and lacquer for its confidentiality.

- Be añaden dedications or customize to your liking.

It is made to order, with much cariñor respect, since each grafología is different.


where I spend many hours working in every study