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"Diseño innovador en el que la imaginación está al servicio de la comodidad"
Diseño y producción artesanal de bolsos


From 1975, our creations have been without #243;#237;a excellent, creativity and timeless style, achieved through #233 devotion;#243;n by quality and detail.
Ginok is a firm born with the illusión of creating special úunique bags. Our designs #241 are #225;n influenced by the trends of major cities such as New York, London, Paris or Milán, fashion cots and inspirations#243;n.
We believe in things well done, attention #243;n in the details and the constant búsquea of excellence, so personalizeón, traditionón, quality and trend are the values of our firm.


All our handbags are #225;n handmade in España by hand, made with the best cowskins and the best materials, carefully selected.
The company's requirement is to offer its creations in the global market, concentrateándose in high quality products, characterized by a designerñor highly appreciated all over the world and by the use of very good materials.
Experience first-hand the craftsmanshipía exceptional Ginok creating a fully ú bag You can enjoy the personalcy service ón. ¡Dinos cómo beíyour ideal bag and así we will do it to you!


Ginok is a 100 percent family business where 3 people work. This fact has always characterized our business culture and in the future to beá also #233;n the basis sólida of our éxito.

Carlos Goyenechea Serna


26 Jul, 2020