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Toro Fruit
"Fruta de temporada de nuestra tierra"
Frutas de temporada de distintas variedades


We are a small #241;a family business that we take toños devodiáing to the #243 production of fruit, after #233 having tried many other products agrítails and livestock. A díour grandfather came up with itó the idea of planting a áfruity and ahí #243;


Fundally we are dedicated to producing pears and apples, of which we have different varieties, apart from having a smaller #243 dedication to other fruits such as peaches, plums, quinces, acerolas, nuts, hazelnuts, etc...

Our política has never been to use the land to make the most of it possible, we have always been very respectful both with the environment and with the appearance of the farm, we have always liked to have everything beautiful and that is pleasant to the eye.

In the production #243; no, we do not use #250 any product that is harmful to either the fauna or the flora of our environment, in fact we enjoy living with an extensive fauna such as: hares, foxes, wild boars, herons, etc... that is #225 easy to see them running between the plantations of á.rboles.

We have a #243;n and #243;n conserving and handling facilities of our product, that without them not being #237;to be possible to offer our fruits outside the períconcrete production #243;n, not meaning that we affect the nature of these fruits, since for their preservation #243;n they are not añthey are noingún type of element that #237;


We are seasonal fruit producers, basing our business on the production #243 of a wide range of varieties of each of the species (apples, pears, plums, peaches, etc.) and así to be able to increase the product offering for our customers


We like to doíto continue to increase in the offer available with other products such as nuts.


As directed#243;n we are two brothers, Carlos and Pablo, who follow the family #243 tradition initiated by our grandfather Alejandrino in the exploitation of #243;n "Finca Ejemplar Villaveza".


Beatriz Elisa León López

"Zumos buenísimos"

El pedido me llegó de un día para otro, Más rápido imposible. Muy bien embalado para protegerlo de golpes. Si hubiese alguna manera de protegerlo sin usar plástico ya sería perfecto.

19 Mar, 2021
Beatriz Elisa León López
22 Apr, 2021
Beatriz Elisa León López
16 Jun, 2021