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Fraxinus Art
"Ilustraciones y Céramica"
Cerámica y dibujos


Converting our afinations into a way of life takes us to aó años to professionally develop modeling and illustration #243;n. For a few months now we have been thinking about being able to sell our creations online.


Nature is one of our inspirations and our pieces and drawings aim to convey its essence and beauty. Bringing this vision to #243 público is our idea. We make clay leaves and bowls using leaves collected in the parks and green areas of our city and also #233;n original snails. The drawings and illustrations, in different técnicas, especially in watercolor with temáticas on animals, landscapes, plants... Nature.
The goal is to be able to sell our works nationally.


The team is formed by 2 people Paz Gonzalez who performs the pieces of cerámica and Amador Vazquez that makes the illustrations and drawings.