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Forn de sa Placa
"¡Galletas 100% naturales!"
Obrador de galletas de aceite

A month ago moreás of thirty años, corríaño 1988, and a young man #243 came to Artà looking for work. Pep was #237 of bread and ensaimadas because from eight toñhe was in an oven.

Pe #243p came to Artà with a clear idea: "Having your own Oven", and así he began to #243 seek what is not #243;what he isíto his job, but also #233;n his life. Pep aún did not know#237;to artà also #233;n find #237;a love of his life, Maria. A life and a business that was done with Maria's help; and that over time you share itían with your three children


The “Forn de sa Plaça” beganó writing its story in 1988. The añ were passed, and thirty añ#233;s aú <6>;n lives thanks to the ability to adapt #243 and innovate its owners.#243

Hoy in día, that bread and ensaimada oven has become a biscuit-making oven, artÀsanes oil biscuits. Two generations that show us how evolving family businesses don't die. This family, moves us with its products; flavors, values, an essence that last thirty

#233 #241 years;

And here #237; we find them, in the añor 2020 working together to continue the legacy left.


Are a small #241; a family business passionate about the world of oil biscuits. We like our work and we love the idea that there are people all over Españ enjoy our products and the way we work. Our products have no preservatives or dyes or any kind of additives.

The ARTÀsanes is #225;n oil biscuits made with olive oil and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Our bags are 100% recyclable in the yellow container. We bring our grain of sand to make this world a better place,

If you #250; you are one of those people, here you #237; you have your place. And if not... ¡give us an opportunity you won't regretás!


Formed by 17 people. Pequeña family business consisting of Pep (father), Maria (mother) and their three children Antònia, Emilio and Maria (from age to younger).

Workers: Juanca, Lorenzo, Catalina, Victòria, Pere, Guillem, Joan, Cati, Glòria, Bel, Antònia i Cati.

Our natural recipe, is this great family,