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Forging Art Bcn
"Rosas forjadas a mano, no encontrarás dos iguales"
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Forging Art Bcn was born #243; in 2016 when two friends decided to join forces to carry out this project. The passion #243 of a master craftsman who works at the foot of Montseny in his family workshop combined with skill in new technology#237;as has made this dream come true #241;

The idea was to bring the creations that are sold for #237;an at craft fairsí to sell them all over the world thanks to new technologyías. Our master craftsman has traveled the territory for more #225;s from 18 añyou doing demonstrations of forging before a púfascinated school. His pieces are únicas: made with fire, noble materials and the art of a person who knows how to express ideas in wrought iron objects.


We create roses and all kinds of craftsías forging, así like any piece artística that one can think of.

Currently our roses arrive at houses all over the world and usually for special occasions: anniversaries, weddings, gifts to the loved one, calendar parties.

Enjoy our handmade roses people of paíEuropean ses, North Américh, Australia, Países Árabes, etc. Our expansion plansó include reaching many moreás.


The Forging Art Bcn team is made up of two people: James, the artist, where from his hands come out #233 aut&;ntica wonders in hand wrought iron and David, who gathers all the pieces to make everything work


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