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"¡Auténtico Queso de Pastor de Oveja Latxa Directo a tu Casa!"
Elaboración Artesanal de Quesos


The caserío ETXELEKUA is located in the border town of Urdazubi/Urdax, north of Navarra, very close to Zugarramurdi (the village of witches).

In this caserío, over successive generations, we maintain a long traditionón in the world of latxa sheep and cheese.

Constitute a small #241;a family farm, #243 where Manuel Bengotxea and Mª Isabel Lastiri began in the early 1990s to market cheeses from the #237; and in various establishments in the area.

In this trajectory, we have adaptedándonos to both demand and new times and already with the participation of #243 two of our children, we work carefully and with care the whole process, in which quality prevails: from feeding #243;n of sheep grazing throughout the año in the green meadows of the #237;o, to the subsequent collection of milk in the ordeño, to the final #243;n of cheeses.


A través from #243 a farm of latxas autóctonas sheep in the area we make sheep's cheese with raw milk.

Xabier, the third child is responsible for handling the exploitation #243;n of sheep; Ana Mari the eldest daughter and Ione, the youngest daughter, are responsible for making and marketing the cheese directly from the #237;o and in the shops in the area.

Althing our cheese to reach consumers' homes directly.


Currently, the family business is run by three of the six children of Manuel Bengochea and Maribel Lastiri. Xabier, Ana Mari and Ione.

Xabier takes care of the sheep: feed them, ordeñarlas dos al día (mañana y tarde), management in the meadows and mountains around the caserío, accompanyñar the sheep in élittle births, help the lambs #233 born to breastfeed...

Ana Mari and Ione take care of the makingón and sale of cheeses: making cheese, taking care of cheeses in the cámara, selling cheese from the same houseío and also #233;n in the surrounding stores....

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