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Mendi Brooms
"Señores, Señoras, escobas que barren solas"
Fabricante artesano de escobas naturales


Y the fourth generation #243;n of the trade of Brooms. My great-great-grandfather and great-grandfather has already done #237;an brooms; after #233 my grandfather and father became professionalized in the dé every 1970s. Today I struggle to follow the craft of artisan manufacturer of natural brooms


The idea is to maintain the traditional tool of natural herringbone brooms, a different material #237;cil to imitate and además of natural cultivation.


We will maintain this craft of manufacture #243;n of Artisan brooms, añby paying variants of the product: broom #225s of the sweep, for decorationón, accessories, miniatures... In addition#225;s, we will value the trade with didáctico and exhibition materialón permanent.


Work is individual and, fortunately, my father with más of 60 añ#243;n brooms, he taught meña and supports even though he is already #225; retired.